About Heliotaxis




1.  movement of an entire organism in response to the stimulus of sunlight


Welcome.  You’re among friends here.
Sunlight is a form of Grace.  Not the ability to move beautifully, but rather a gift from some deity or other.    The feel of sunlight on one’s skin is indescribable, and yet everyone knows what it feels like.  It is being chosen, or being in love, or an unexpected gift from a friend.  It is both physical warmth, and emotional.  Sunlight is necessary for our world to live, and for many people, it deeply affects their moods and thoughts.


The scientific term is unintentionally poetic; we move in response to light.  That movement might be simply moving into the shade, or it might be to dance in pure joy.  It might be physical movement, or we might be emotionally moved by the light.  I am a sun-loving person; without sunlight, my mood sinks and my world loses color.  But when the sun shines, I am joyful; “happy” is too plain a word.  Sunlight on my skin feels like there might really be a benevolent being watching over us.


To me, there is a strong relationship between glass and sunlight.  There is a kind of beautiful, liquid depth to glass that is glorious and rich and full of light, as if it were a drop of liquid sunlight, frozen in time for our enjoyment.  Imagine if we could work sunlight the way that we work glass, moulding it, shaping it, cutting facets into it to make it sparkle.  Imagine the stories such things would be part of, in their time.  A bracelet made from the light of the sun would certainly be part of fascinating histories and legends.


There is nothing more tragic than a beautiful, useful item left to die on a shelf where its story will be forgotten.  I find those items that still have stories left to live, and I mend, clean and rework them so their stories can continue on.  I seek to share beautiful items that have inspired me, or brought me joy in the hope that they will bring joy to you as well.  I invite you to enjoy the stories they have already lived, and add those stories to your own.

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